Unemployment Tips #unemployment tips

Anyone can lose their job in their lives. It happens and it will happen as we get deep into the Internet Age. Job Security is now an alien concept in these days of Outsourcing, Job Contracts, Automation and the Gig Economy. So what should you do when you eventually find yourself jobless.

  1. First, DON'T PANIC. Panic will just increase your anxiety levels and worries which can lead to DEPRESSION.
  2. STRATEGIZE: Plan your next steps. Plan ahead. Losing a job is not the end of your life.
  3. GET INTO YOUR HOBBIES: Remember those music lessons you ditched because of your job. What about Art? Now is the time to get involved in your hobbies.
  4. VOLUNTEER. Look at volunteering opportunities in your neighborhood or city. Get into one or two initiatives and keep yourself busy.
  5. EXERCISE. Keep yourself healthy by exercising. Exercise has been shown to as a Stress buster.
  6. NETWORK. Unemployment provides a good chance to get out there and go to conferences, meetups and events; things many cannot do once they are employed.
  7. Finally, TALK TO SOMEONE OR SHARE YOUR JOBLESSNESS EXPERIENCES. That way you will come to meet other people going through the same situation, network and share each others burden. This site is just a start.

So if you are feeling stressed out that you are just jobless don't agonize about it.

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  today i went to see somebody who is supposed to help me out i have been jobless for a longtime i recently got an internship i have been going on for the last 3 months this person told me that i am not aggressive when it comes to get a job i could not explain to this person how rejection sting s how when i don't get called back after an interview i get abused told how i never understood anything i studied in university how i spent their money and i never bother trying to get a job how cons...  

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  Been unemployed since 2013, tried several business but they have never picked up kabisa. I have a biochemistry degree from Kenyatta university. This year has been a hell one. Nothing seems to come together. I feel I am such a stress to my family. To make matters worse I am PWLD meaning I cant do physical jobs. Even wife alihepa juzi....  

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